Campuses & Facilities

Meeting the Unique and Changing Needs of Campuses & Facilities

AutomaTech is your partner for the long haul starting with architecting the right solution, delivering training and support and providing new ideas as your needs change.

We help our customers in many areas:

  • Connectivity solutions that help you tie together all of your plant assets so you can visualize the data coming from a broad range of systems.
  • Mobile solutions that provide secure access to the right information to make your team more productive
  • Analytic solutions that provide visibility down to the subsystem level so you can optimize the performance of your systems, keep your tenants happy and save money on both energy and operations.

Collaborate with AutomaTech to learn ways to improve operational efficiencies, compress time to market by leveraging innovation.

How do campuses manage services efficiently and cost effectively?

Most facilities have four to five different control systems, and the staff and training needed is cost prohibitive. The need to have three or four outside contractors that are experts with each system is difficult to manage.

Key challenges for Campuses and Facilities are:

  • 100% reliable flow of utilities
  • Comfort for the occupants
  • Safety for occupants and workers
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Sustainability – Drive down consumption of Utilities
  • Optimization of the equipment
  • Training for the maintenance and engineering teams







Our Solutions For Intelligent Equipment Connection

Connect and Collect


It all begins with digitizing your equipment and capturing your equipment’s voice electronically. We have a variety of ways to connect into your equipment. We support all of the standard protocols, have the ability to customize interfaces including legacy serial devices.

Visualize and Act


Custom graphics offer rapid application development. Process graphics and historical trend charting developed using pre-built objects that speed up time to development. Alarming  allows you to alert operators to changes in process variables or product performance.

Insight and Optimize


 Advanced analytics and continuous monitoring gives powerful insights into how to manage these assets to maximize profitability and revenue. Additionally, this allows for new revenue streams of support to be developed and expanded.