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For over 25 years, AutomaTech has been helping manufacturers optimize their critical processes and preserve asset investments by improving equipment capacity. Our solutions help maintain product quality while reducing changeover time and runoff because of market demands for shorter runs.

Benefits of Choosing to Partner With AutomaTech

AutomaTech stands behind our solutions, helping you maximize your investment.


Reduce Costs

Improved Quality

Time to Value

Collaborate with AutomaTech to learn ways to improve operational efficiencies, compress time to market by leveraging innovation.

For OEMs & Equipment Suppliers


Why Care?
  • Leverage your installed assets & equipment
  • Improve customer issue resolution time
  • Reduces travel costs for engineers/service techs
  • Build new revenue streams
  • Quick time to market
What  How:
  • Intelligent cloud-based monitoring and knowledge action platform with visualization and alerting for equipment
  • Predictive Analytics Built-in: Be notified when equipment is about to fail or has failed causing un-planned downtime.
  • Be notified when your equipment is producing products out of compliance or quality tolerances
  • Easy connectivity to your equipment using over 200+ plus protocols including OPC UA Technologies.

OEM Decisions


What business are you in?
  • Making & delivering equipment? or
  • Developing software
Benefits of FacilityConneX:
  • Proven software platform in use by top OEMs for years.
  • Smart asset monitoring brings:
    • Utilize existing analytics or on the fly logic to drive desired outcomes
    • Fast customer issue resolution
    • 7x24: Intelligent Alerts and visibility on computers, tablets, phones and smart wearables
  • Maintenance free computing with cloud based platform for easy deployment & use (AWS)


  1. Definition of what you want to build? Product or Offering?
  2. Is there a business model for a subscription-based offering?
  3. Do you have experience with bringing a software to market?
  4. Do you have a realistic timeline to bring it to market?
  5. Is this outside your skill set of what your company does?  Have skills to build the team?  Do have date scientist, cloud/security experts? Experience building analytics?
  6. Experience with Platform vendors like Azure, AWS, Google?
  7. Have you gone through the IT qualifications with customers on security/networking?


  1. Does the Platform have built-in capabilities to meet your product offering?
  2. Does solution or flexibility to complement your current business model?
  3. Does the vendor have a proven methodology of bringing OEM product offerings to market?
  4. Can the vendor connect and prototype in 90 days or less?
  5. Does the vendor have experience with connecting to industrial environments? Knows how to connect to protocols standard like OPC UA?
  6. Can the vendor white label the platform for you?
  7. Does the vendor offer full cloud based platform services like -  custom analytics, connection networking, custom visualization, cloud admin and optimization?
  8. Does the vendor have experience getting approvals from IT teams?

Featured Examples

Why they selected EdgeConneX?
  • Time to market and expense avoidance
  • Lack of in-house abilities on cloud based platforms
  • Ability to quickly build analytics (platform ready in 90 days)
  • Power of adopting complete IIoT platform
Value Received
  • Full visibility of equipment performance in real-time
  • Lower cost serviceability model – online vs. rolling out trucks
  • Empower customers for better maintenance for entire product life cycle.
  • Drive more proactive service models for increased after market revenue
Why they selected OEMConneX?
  • Proactive analytics and notifications for quicker time resolution
  • Monitoring and alarming without on-premises servers.
  • Abilities to understand high reliability data collection and recovery needs for their user base
  • Browser based and native mobile clients
  • Email and alarm based SMS alerting
    21 CFR part 11 (GxP) Compliance including E-signature
Value Received
  • Time to get solution to market
  • Highly reliable edge to cloud solution
  • Solidified expertise for creating, managing, supporting a cloud based platform with partnership.

Driving Industrial Innovation To Transform Your Business

  • Improve Machine Performance & Analytics
  • Simplify Secure Remote Machine Connectivity
  • Automate Systems, Data Collection, and Reporting
  • Drive Additional Value & Revenue Streams

We partner with OEM customers to offer customized training, enabling you to drive business development and generate new revenue streams.

Optimize Your Machine

HMI Innovation and the Next Generation of OEM Equipment

Industrial innovation requires a company that helps resellers and OEMs learn about its technological solutions, enables resellers to bring solutions to their markets, and supports those solutions to delight customers.

Resellers serve as an invaluable bridge between technology innovators and OEMs. Value-added resellers understand both the technology and the industrial market, which helps OEMs implement solutions more quickly and efficiently.

OEMs must transition their many different customer platforms and control systems to Industry 4.0 and meet evolving HMI standards.

HMI innovation provides OEMs with a value added service to offer customers in the future. Long-term data collection in the cloud will provide the monitoring necessary for OEM customers to improve their performance.

Our Customers Say It Best

"We see this as a service option we can provide customers on any system that uses a PLC. As the Industrial Internet of Things grows, this is something that will become standard on all our systems."

- John Clemens, Davis-Standard