Enhanced Monitoring-Based Commissioning (EMBCx) Program

Incentives for Building Analytics Platforms to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

Commercial and industrial customers in Connecticut can harness facility data for cohesive decision-making power. The Enhanced Monitoring-Based Commissioning (EMBCx) program can help your business reduce energy use, lower carbon emissions and improve energy benchmarking scores. 

By participating in this program, you are eligible for:
• Incentives to offset product and service costs
• A customized plan to achieve immediate and long-term savings
• Verification of implemented upgrades to ensure tangible results for your organization

AutomaTech's partner, FacilityConneX, is a Qualified Service Provider for Eversource Energy and is the fastest time to value building analytic platform for buildings in the industry today. This system sits on top of your building management control system watching the controls behavior, your equipment, and your zone areas detecting performance, reliability, and energy waste. Contact us and let's get you qualified today!


Incentive Eligibility Requirements

Eversource Energy:

  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) controls must have an existing Direct Digital Controls based BAS capable of trending data with significant remaining useful lifetime and ability to interface with FDD software and equipment. If controls need updating/replacing, this work must be completed prior to implementation of FDD software and installed at Customer cost.
  • Only external labor costs qualify for FDD Software Installation Incentives; customer internal labor is eligible for Measure Verification Incentives for installed measures at actual labor rates.
Schedule a demo and discussion to see how AutomaTech can help you receive utility incentives and lower utility costs with FacilityConneX solutions.


FacilityConneX Building Analytics Solutions

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