Rhode Island
Building Analytics Program

Incentives for Building Analytics Platforms to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

Rhode Island Energy is now incentivizing their customers who choose to install the latest energy saving and building analytics systems that supports the immediate value with less than six months return on investment.

Benefits of the program include:

  • NEW IN 2022: Upfront incentive covering up
    to 50% (up to $85,000) of system costs to integrate the Building Analytics platform with your BAS
  • Additional incentives for implementing
    improvements identified by the platform
  • Quickly identify operational issues that will
    result in:
    » Increased comfort and safety
    » Lower operating and maintenance costs
    » Extended equipment life
    » Reduced carbon footprint

AutomaTech's partner, FacilityConneX, is a Qualified Service Provider for Rhode Island Energy and is the fastest time to value building analytic platform for buildings in the industry today. This system sits on top of your building management control system watching the controls behavior, your equipment, and your zone areas detecting performance, reliability, and energy waste. Contact us and let's get you qualified with RI Energy today!

Incentive Eligibility Criteria

  • Rhode Island Energy Customer
  • Functional BAS that can integrate with FCX Platform
  • Use of at least 3,000,000 kWh of Electric Load or 500,000 Therms of Gas in a typical year
  • Cumulative Annual Savings in the first 3 years of at least 4% for qualifying fuel (electric, gas, or both)
  • No Planned Capital Improvement Projects or Major System Renovations In Buildings Being Monitored that will severely impact savings near term.
Schedule a demo and discussion to see how AutomaTech can help you receive utility incentives and lower utility costs with FacilityConneX solutions.


FacilityConneX Building Analytics Solutions

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