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Manufacturers face challenges from competition on price, delivery, and quality, and are looking to collect more information about their products, process, customers, and raw materials. Companies want to use this data to optimize processes and improve productivity to gain market share and drive growth and profits. The goal is to become a Digital Company and make better decisions with more actionable information.

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Water & Waste Water

Municipalities and public works organizations pressured to reduce costs, improve reliability, and improve security with less staff and training. AutomaTech works with Systems Integrators, Consultants, and our Vendors to provide secure, powerful, and cost-effective solutions for HMI/SCADA, Reporting, Data Collection, Mobility, Networking, and Security.

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Power & Utilities

The Utility Industry needs to modernize their grid system, and while modernizing the monitoring and control of the power generation and distribution, they are challenges with new sources of power such as Solar, Wind, and Cogen and need to balance the grid while ensuring security to their systems.

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Campuses & Facilities

How can campuses provide always on services with maximum tenant, student, employee, faculty comfort while being a Sustainable Facility? The utilities (water, air, gas, electric, steam) cannot go down for maintenance or repairs without scheduled downtime, and systems are often 20-30 years old, without proper instrumentation. These are just some of the challenges that Facilities Staff are facing every day.

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The transportation infrastructure systems need rails, bridges, and roadway upgrades as they simultaneously investigate new technology. While implementing these large capital projects, new control, video, and data collection systems are being installed on trains, buses, airports, tolls, and traffic systems, which brings a new challenge of data monitoring, collecting, and visualization; all that needs to be done securely. How do corporations use this data to improve the Transportation Industry?

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Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs are continually challenged with how to improve performance, uptime delivery, speed, flexibility, quality, compliance, all at the lowest price. How do they differentiate themselves from the competition while providing the best warranty, aftermarket support, and spare parts? Their business models are being confronted with the dawn of the Industrial Internet of Things– IIoT.

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