The CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Fundamentals course is an entry-level course focusing on the multiple aspects of project configuration.

4 Days Location; 5 Days Online
$2,495.00 incl.
Pete Miller, Tom Jensen

Live online events

5 days, 08:30 AM MDT - 02:30 PM MDT


Presented by Pete Miller
  • $2,495.00 incl.


The HMI-SCADA CIMPLICITY Fundamentals course is a beginning level course focused on the multiple aspects of project configuration. Valuable hands-on lab exercises are provided which guide students through the building and modification of the HMI application.


This course is designed for Operators, Application Designers, and System Managers.


Participants should have a working knowledge of Windows operating systems as well as some plant floor process experience.

When you complete this course, you will be able to: 

Upon completion of this Course, you should be able to:
• Create a new project;
• Configure Resources, Roles, Users, Ports and Devices;
• Configure points;
• Use the Point Control Panel;
• Create graphic screens;
• Configure Events, Procedures and Actions in screen objects;
• Use the Database Logger to create and configure logging tables;
• Create and configure trend charts using run-time and historical data;
• Configure project Alarms;
• Configure the stand-alone, ActiveX and Historical Alarm Viewers;
• Access methods of CIMPLICITY and 3rd party ActiveX controls;
• Use and modify graphics library Smart Objects;
• Make use of the various animation capabilities of CIMPLICITY;
• Use screen variables.
• Use the Navigation Configuration Editor

Course Syllabus