Technical Support

AutomaTech Application Engineers are experienced industry professionals that assist customers over the phone, online or on-site with technical questions regarding the software and hardware solutions we sell.

Our highly trained team brings to your project many years of industry experience. By leveraging our knowledge of our vendor’s technologies for your maximum advantage, AutomaTech Application Engineers know the nuances and capabilities of our solutions and confidently and expediently apply them, helping you save time, effort and money.

Our Application Engineering Services are not a replacement for a qualified Systems Integrator. We maintain relationships with many qualified Systems Integrators that have the capabilities and resources to perform a full system implementation.


You can also get support using any of the following:

  • Phone Support – Call AutomaTech’s Tech Support line toll free (508) 830-0088 Ext. 3 between 8 AM – 5 PM EDT.
  • Email Support – Send us an email at If you are a GlobalCare Support Customer please include your GlobalCare Support Number, phone number, along with a problem description.
  • Online Technical Support – Our Application Engineers may have you go to our Webex site to assist you. Click on the following link and follow the AE’s instructions.
  • On-Site Technical Support – There are times when our customers require on-site support services to help with certain factory automation issues or requirements.

For information on pricing and scheduling of AutomaTech Application Engineering Services, please contact your AutomaTech Business Development Manager.

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Services & Support Provided by AutomaTech & GE Digital

Technical Briefs

AutomaTech’s support team and solutions architects have documented some of the most frequently asked technical questions. You can sort the table by topic or title to find what you need. Then just click on the document title to download the PDF.


GEHow to sign up for GE software email notifications
GE HardwareDownloading to a GE PLC via Ethernet
GE HardwareDownloading to a GE PLC via Serial Port
GE HardwareDownloading to a QuickPanel Plus
GE HardwareGoing online with a GE PLC via Ethernet
HistorianEasiest method for Hist 7 Upgrade
iFIXAlarm Queue Overflow
iFIXConnecting iFIX Client to SCADA
iFIXHow to place iFIX popup screen
iFIXHow To Prevent Alt_Tab Switching in iFIX
iFIXiFIX 1914 Error
iFIXNative iFIX Drivers
LicensingAdvantage License cache files
LicensingAdvantage License Types & Considerations
LicensingExtracting Advantage License Data
LicensingHow to move a VM without breaking licensing
LicensingUsing an SSL key in a Virtual Environment
Microsoft and ITCreating a shared network drive on a domain
Microsoft and ITGE Ports List
Microsoft and ITHow to use an ISO File
Microsoft and ITRDS Hardware Considerations
Microsoft and ITVMware & Windows Licensing
Plant ApplicationsPlant Apps 7 System Requirements
Plant ApplicationsPlant Apps Historian Connectivity Error
Plant ApplicationsPlant Apps M5Key Install
Plant ApplicationsPlantApps M5Key Fix
WebaloWebalo SSL X.509 Cert for Apache