On-Demand Webinar:

Simplify Correlating Data from your Process:
Integration of Process Data Silos (DCS, LIMS, MES, ERP) for Quick, Easy and Powerful Batch Run Correlation, Comparison, and Analysis

Life Science Manufacturing typically includes data from several different systems: LIMS, Plant Historians, SCADA, MES, Batch, EBR and database applications, often making it a challenge to get meaningful, actionable data in the hands of stakeholders when they need it the most. We will demonstrate how to quickly correlate and compare data to drive sustainable continuous improvement and best practices. This will be done with no programming and little support from engineering or IT.

You will learn:

How to connect to your data silos quickly and easily using self-service batch/process data visualization and analysis, comparison of batch or process run data phase-by-phase and maturity variable (% complete), real-time analysis of current batch process to “Golden Batch”.

  • Correlate data from many systems for easy comparisons
  • How to easily investigate anomalies and deviations across different systems for quick results
  • Relate suspect batch(es) to other batches over time
  • Show how current runs conform to the “Golden Batch”
  • How it can be done with no programming or engineering skills

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